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We request the following repair in our apartment and understand that if the repair is not covered under the lease agreement, we will be responsible for all costs associated.

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    Please arrange to fix the following:

    *Clogged Toilet: The building management will bring you a plunger and toilet cleaning liquid at cost. Unclogging of a toilet must be done personally by the tenant.*

    So, Who Pays in case of Toilet Repair?

    If your toilet is blocked, then it is important to know what caused it. If it is blocked because you flushed something that was not supposed to go down the drain, then the expense is on you. However, if the toilet is clogged because of poor maintenance by your landlord (if the above and below of any other apartment is clogged and not flushing), then the repair will be on the landlord.

    Management will need to have a conversation with both the tenant and the plumber who does the repair. If the clog is caused by the tenant, then that tenant will be responsible for all costs. Some reasons for tenants to be responsible for costs include but are not limited to putting objects in the toilet, such as toys, Pampers, and feminine disposable sanitary pads/napkins.

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